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Live Music Videos

I specialise in recording live performances from musicians that captures the intimacy, energy and excitement of the stage. My goal is to capture the connection between the crowd and musicians and as such I take an approach that does not encroach on the performance area or audience sight-lines or become a noticeable part of the live experience. I use multi-channel recording from the live mixing desk combined with ambient mics for a high quality yet uniquely 'alive' sound, and sync this with footage from several static cameras as well as one roving angle when possible. I am happy to use my own 3 Panasonic 4k camcorders, hire in equipment where there's budget to do so, or use in-house facilities such as those available at Green Note. I also have extensive experience vision mixing and producing live streams of performances.

Shot at Green Note on their 4 static 1080p DSLR cameras and edited in 720p.

Shot at a Suffolk Church in 4k with my Panasonic camcorders & edited in 720p.

Shot at the Apex Theatre in 4k with my Panasonic camcorders & edited in 720p.

Excerpt from a Live Stream by Luke Jackson shot at Green Note shortly after lockdown.


I have experience producing narrative videos that bring to life the work of organisations involved in in the arts. With a mixture of live performance footage, interviews and scene setting shots I can create a film that tells a story and highlights the best of the work being created. Here are two examples of videos I have produced. SOAS University commissioned me to make a video showcasing their music course after it was recognised as a leading centre for teaching performance skills in the UK. Green Note hired me to make a film about the venue that was shown on stage at the 2015 London Music Awards, where we were voted above the Union Chapel, Roundhouse, and Royal Albert Hall as London's favourite music venue.

Closed Set Shoots

I can use my own three Panasonic 4k camcorders or hire in higher quality DSLRs to shoot performances in a controlled environment. I can also professionally record and mix the sound and sync it with the visuals to produce impactful video that showcases your music for fans, booking agents and others working in the music industry.

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