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Large Diaphragm Condenser MICS

Beesneez Sally:

Absolutely lovely sounding boutique microphone from Australia. Beautiful on vocals and many other sources - my 'go to' tube microphone.

Vintage AKG C414EB w/ brass CT12 Capsule:

A classic mic with highly sought after & rare brass ring capsule designed by Tim Campbell.

Neumann U87ai:

Found in almost every pro studio the world over, this is the industry standard for vocal microphones and useful for many applications.

2x AKG C414 XLS:

Industry standard workhorse mics that do a great job of sounding natural on a variety of sources escpecially when needing a stereo set of multi-pattern mics.

Small Diaphragm Condenser MICS

2x matched Beesneez Lulu:

Incredible mics based on vintage Neumann KM84

2x matched Rode NT55 with custom MJE-384K capsules:

Multi-pattern mics  great on a variety of acoustic sources with several sets of capsules including a pair by highly respected mic modder Michael Joly of oktavamod.

Earthworks Icon:

Premium vocal mic for speech and broadcasting. 

4x matched Line Audio CM3:

Neutral cardioid pencil mics for a more natural sound. Hand made by a small company in Sweden.

2x matched Line Audio OM1:

The omni version of the CM3 microphone.

2x AKG C1000s:

workhorse multi-purpose mic.

2x matched Samson C02:

Useful for high SPL sources.

2x Samson C02H:

Mini pencil condensers for micing in tight applications.

Dynamic Microphones

Vocal Mics:

Telefunken M80:

A premium dynamic vocal mic.

Shure SM7b:

Radio broadcast quality large diaphragm dynamic mic.

SE V7:

Wonderful live vocal mic for voices that don't suit SM58s.

5x Shure Beta 58a:

Great mics for live vocals and a step up from the SM58.

3x Shure SM58:

Industry standard dynamic vocal microphone.

Instrument Mics:

Beyerdynamic M201 TG: Clear, crisp & punchy mic for snares, amps & instruments.

2x Sennheiser MD 421:

Classic tom tom/brass/amp mics found in most studios.

2x Shure Beta 57a:

Great all-round dynamic microphones for instruments.

3x Shure SM57:

Industry standard dynamic mic.

Bass Drum Mics:

Shure Beta 52a:

Classic mic for a powerful kick. 

AKG D112:

Classic tight kick/floor tom mic.


For capturing extreme lows.

Other Microphones


Shure Beta91a:

Classic plate-style half cardoid condenser mic ideal for kick drums or interesting when placed inside an upright piano.

Earthworks Icon Pro:

High quality vocal mic designed of broadcast/voiceover//podcasting.

Audio Technica Pro 70:

tie clip mic primarily used for speech or as a banjo/instrument pick-up.

Ribbon Microphones:

No Hype Audio LRM-1/L with Lundahl transformer:

Gorgeous ribbon microphone sourced and constructed by J-P Gerard in Belgium. Perfect for capturing violins, brass and more sibilant voices.


Custom Contact Mic + preamp: Designed by Yann Seznec.

DI Boxes:

10x Orchid Electronics DI boxes: High quality, made in England & used by most of top UK folk acts.

5x MTR DI boxes:

Both passive and active.

2x Leem DI boxes:

Both passive and active.



Allen & Heath GSRM24:

24 channel analogue mixing desk with two valve channels for summing & tracking plus flying faders. Beautiful, warm preamps, flexible, musical EQ and the magic of an  analogue sound with the convenience of digital routing. 

Allen & Heath ZedR16:

Small format version of main console.

AMS Neve 1073 DPA:

Classic 2 channel characterful preamp often considered the best ever designed.

Neve Portico Channel:

Single Neve preamp with EQ, compressor, de-esser & 'silk' mode. Neutral but brilliantly big.

Line Audio 2MP:

2 channel clean preamp designed and hand made in Sweden.

3x Triton Audio Fethead:

In-line pre-amps of 20db clean gain for dynamic and ribbon mics.


Lynx Hilo:

Some of the highest quality DA/AD Conversion around.

RME Digiface USB:

Rock solid 32 in/out ADAT interface.

Cymatic Audio LR16:

16 channel line level audio interface for portable recording.


Apple Hardware:

I work with Cubase on an Apple Silicon Mac Mini with dual screens. Easy access Thunderbolt cable enables your Mac laptop to become the heart of the studio.


Allen & Heath ZedR16:

Small format version of my studio console with the same wonderful preamps/EQ over 16 channels.



Neve Portico Master Buss Processor:

A wonderful addition to any mix that includes a transparent compressor & limiter, a 'silk' circuit, stereo width controls and EQ depth.

Manley Variable MU: Legendary stereo valve compressor that adds analogue tube mojo.

SSL Bus Plus:

The magic ingredient for thousands of hit records that glues the mix together.


Great River Stereo Mastering Equaliser:

A mastering EQ for gentle shaping of the highest quality.

Kush Clariphonic MS:

A sweetening EQ for finishing mixes with options to process in Mid/Side.

Custom Audio Germany HDE-250:

A custom built stereo EQ for mixing/mastering of the highest quality for deeper, surgical sculpting.

Other FX:

Neve Portico 5042:

Stereo tape emulation of the highest quality passing audio through magnetic tape heads.

TC Electronic M2000:

Classic stereo digital reverb rack unit for outboard FX.

Behringer V-Verb Pro:

Now discontinued, this is one of the few pieces of old Behringer gear that turned out to be really high quality - a fantastic stereo digital reverb unit that's still highly sought after and competes with gear 20x the price.


2x DBX 215:

Stereo graphic eq, one for mains, one for monitors.

1x Behringer V-Verb Pro:

Racked up for live use.




Main monitors found in high end studios worldwide that give rich deep bass response and sweet high definition - a joy to listen through and great for mixing beautiful, full sounding music, yet translate well into other systems.

Yamaha NS-10M powered by a Quad 520F amplifier:

Industry standard studio reference speakers used  due to their hyped midrange that helps check mixes. Powered by a classic British amplifier.

Avantone Mixcube:

Classic mono 'grotbox' for checking a mix's sound  on less than ideal listening devices.

Drawmer MC 2.1 Monitor Controller:

Easily switch between speaker sets and input sources.

Monitoring Headphones:

Sennheiser HD600:

Open headphones for a rich hi-fi sound to check mixes.

Sennheiser HD25:

Closed headphones with a flat, neutral response when checking mixes.

Apple AirPods:

These days, if your mix doesn't sound great on AirPods, then it isn't mixed right.

Tracking Headphones:

3x Beyerdynammic DT-770:

Closed back & comfortable.

Beyerdynammic DT-100.

Closed back, & extra isolated.

Powerplay Pro XL HA4700:

4 channel headphone distribution amplifier.

HAR60 6-Channel Headphone Amplifier:

6 channel headphone distribution amplifier.


2 channel headphone distribution amplifier.


2x JBL Eon 515 (powered):

Lightweight but powerful enough for venues up to 300..

4x Behringer B210D :

Powered stage monitors that can also handle small gig FOH.



2002 Martin HD28V:

Quite simply the best acoustic guitar I've ever played.

Collings Soco Deluxe Bigsby:

Beautifully versatile electric guitar & impeccably made.

Gretsch '57 Select:

Famous Gretsch sound & style.

Fender Gold Foil Jazzmaster:

Triple pickups for cool 'quack'.

Epiphone Casino:

P90 hollow body, Beatles cool.

Reverend Baritone Guitar:

Strung B-B for texture & growl.

'Runecaster' Stringbender:

Telecaster with B & G benders.

Hofner Classical Acoustic:

For nylon string sounds.

Fender Dobro Resonator:

That acoustic blues vibe.


Country/Hawaiian slides.


Ken Miller Double Bass:

Plus me to play it.

Fender Jazz electric:

For when the groove is electric.

Hofner Violin 'Cavern' bass:

Flatwound strings just like Paul.

Other strings:

1892 Lyon & Heally banjo:

Plus me playing clawhammer.

Goldtone WL250 banjo:

Open back, old-time style.


Yeung Chang upright piano:

Beautifully bright with a characterful soft pedal sound.

Bina Portable Harmonium:

For folk and trad textures.

Artura Keylab Essential MIDI Keyboard & Controller:

For synths and pads.


Pearl 5 piece drum kit:

inc hi-hat, crash and rides.

Various percussion:

inc tambourines, Calabash, shakers & The Freedom Boot.

Guitar Amps:

Fender Blues Jnr

Vox DA5


Accordion, Harmonicas,

Glockenspiel + more oddities

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