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Live music is the root from which Outlandish has grown and the passion that underpins my approach to audio. I came to sound work through being a musician so I try to be sensitive to performer's requirements. Being helpful, courteous and enthusiastic is in my nature and part of what helps create a relaxed and enjoyable environment in which performers can shine. I'm used to operating in all sorts of spaces, adapting quickly and sensitively to the circumstances. Having worked with thousands of acts using all sorts of strange and unique instruments, my experienced ears and passion for music can help elevate a show into an unforgettable and life-affirming event.

Live Paris.jpg
Live Paris.jpg

Live Sound

I've been running Front of House sound in all kinds of venues for over 20 years. Notable venues include Wiltons Music Hall, Rich Mix, The Shaw Theatre and arts centres and festival stages throughout the UK. You can most often find me at the award winning Green Note in London, where I've been Head of Sound since 2006. Here I've worked with the likes of Amy Winehouse, Martin Carthy, Graham Coxon, Tim O’Brien, Michael Kiwanuka, Anais Mitchell and Toumani Diabate.

I specialise in acoustic roots, singer-songwriters and traditional musics from around the world. My philosophy is a musician-led approach, with amplification as transparent as possible, and to let musicians express themselves dynamically, but I'm also comfortable in utilising sound systems to extend frequency ranges and add power and energy to a show. Most of all, it's important that getting a good live sound is collaborative and enjoyable experience for those making the music, because that's what translates into the best shows for audiences.

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Road Management

I've been working as a 'road manager' since 2009, providing valuable services to make touring live music enjoyable and exciting for musicians and crowds alike. I have an extensive backline of instruments, amplifiers and PA equipment available, can plan accommodation and travel routes, sell merchandise and drive tour vehicles up to 8 seats. I can also run live sound when required. I have a Ford Galaxy available for smaller ensembles or groups on a tighter budget. Notable clients include American roots troubadours Groanbox, New Orleans trumpet legend Leroy Jones, British folk-jazz genius The Magic Lantern and world music innovators Touki.

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