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Outlandish Audio was set up as a haven for music that is created irrespective of market forces. It is a project designed with the musician in mind, providing sensitive audio solutions to all manner of sonic situations. The services offered are primarily recording, live sound and road management.





Touring is the lifeblood of any band and Outlandish Audio aims to be at the heart of this endeavour. There is rarely anything more exhausting or exhilarating than travelling the highways and byways with a group of like-minded individuals and a common goal - to be a part of the beautiful phenomenon that is live music at its best. Outlandish can do the stuff that gets in the way of the music, take care of the driving, be there to set up and sell merchandise and to take care of the sound if and when required.


I have been touring regularly with several bands since 2008 and have built up a skill set and equipment list that will soon prove invaluable for those who use them. I am used to the long drives at all hours, as tours generally zigzag across the country, and I have done sound in almost every type of room imaginable. I also have potential places to stay in various areas of the country, including room at my studio in London.


I can provide backline and PA, as well as loan instruments and bring microphones/DIs and stage equipment. I also have a touring vehicle that, including the driver, can seat between 5 and 8 people. There are 2 seats in the front, 3 in the middle and 3 in the rear that can be folded away to make more room for gear (see the middle picture on the right). It is comfortable and the large leather seats can recline fully if the space allows. There is also a large sunroof to get the most out of the sunlight between venues! It is generally reliable and gets about 6 miles per litre on tour, with each fill up being between 60-70 litres every 350-400 miles (when calculating the total distances involved in a tour, I generally find that one needs a margin of error of about +20% for real-world mileage).


My job as road manager is to try and take the stress out of touring and provide some time for musicians to be able to switch off between gigs in order to be alert and energised for their performances. I aim to take the head-ache out of the logistics and will take care of organising the journeys and the extra complications so that the band can relax and concentrate on what they're there to do: focus on the music!


For a list of backline and equipment, see the In-House Recording page.

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