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Outlandish Audio was set up as a haven for music that is created irrespective of market forces. It is a project designed with the musician in mind, providing sensitive audio solutions to all manner of sonic situations. The services offered are primarily recording, live sound and road management.



One of the most productive ways to record can be live in an environment with enough space for a simultaneous performances and a good room for that 'performance' feel. As such I am able to come to a pre-arranged space and record a project in situ.


For example: In August 2011 I collaborated with the band Groanbox to record their 4th studio album. For this project I travelled to a cottage in the Scottish Borders and set up the living room as a performance space for the band to record in 'as live', running through songs as though they were on a set list in order to give the album a more spontaneous edge. This also allowed us to have a continuous period of highly concentrated creativity and produced some great results. The video opposite is one of the 3am takes that made it to the album - I snuck into the live room to record the video and the audio is the unmastered final mix.


Recording an album in this way can be intense and is potentially a little more costly as it involves the rental of a space as well as myself and my gear. There is also set-up and take-down to be taken into account. However, it is very productive once the process gets going and can be a very effective way of managing short-term availability of musicians. With location recording I do the tracking live but if you want me to mix I need to do so at my own studio.


One other option can be to record live shows through my desk. If you are interested in having provide a PA and do live sound for you, please do enquire if you'd like me to record the performance.

Location Recording with Groanbox, August 2011. The audio is the unmastered final mix

 Click here to watch on youtube.


I recorded the sound and took care of the logistics for Michael Ward-Bergeman's geurilla music video shot in one day all across London, 2009. Click here to watch on youtube.

Location Recording with James Marples April 2013. The audio is the unmastered final mix

Click here to watch on youtube.

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