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Outlandish Audio was set up as a haven for music that is created irrespective of market forces. It is a project designed with the musician in mind, providing sensitive audio solutions to all manner of sonic situations. The services offered are primarily recording, live sound and road management.




Live sound is the root from which Outlandish has grown and is the passion that underpins all my audio work. I came to sound work through being a musician and so I understand the musicians' viewpoint and try to be sensitive to their requirements. Being helpful, courteous and enthusiastic are traits too often overlooked by sound engineers but it is my opinion that demonstrating these qualities in sound-check will help coax a better performance from a player.


Since 2006 I have been head of sound at Green Note, London's premier intimate acoustic venue, and I have toured extensively doing sound in almost every space imaginable from pubs and village halls to large theatres and festival stages. As such I am used to being presented with strange instruments, unusual venues and difficult circumstances, as well as needing to work quickly and sensitively to get the best sound possible. Being a musician and having done sound for thousands of acts in the last decade, I generally know how an instrument should sound, but I'm always happy to work with the player to make sure I get THEIR sound right.


Outlandish will provide a sensitive audio solution to an event and can easily provide a PA and backline or simply work with the existing gear at an established music venue.



This is a live video of Groanbox (whom I road manage) performing at the Square & Compass, Worth Matravers, 2012.

The audio is taken from the mixing desk and combined with an ambient mic to give an example of my live sound work.

Click here to watch on youtube.


This is a concert I provided PA and live sound for at St Luke's Church in December 2013, to raise funds for Syrian refugees. It features Clara Sanabras and Harvey Brough in collaboration with the choir Vox Holloway. The audio was mixed by Harvey Brough from a multitrack recording made from the desk combined with ambient microphones connected to the video cameras.

Click here to watch on Vimeo.

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