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Kit List

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Items in red are currently in the process of being added to my gear list. Check to see if they are available for your project.


Large Diaphragm Condensers (LDC):

Beesneez Sally: Absolutely lovely sounding boutique microphone from Australia. Beautiful on vocals and many other sources - my 'go to' LDC tube microphone.

AKG C414EB with brass CT12 Capsule: A classic LDC with the Tim Campbell edition of the highly sort after and rare brass ring capsule inside.

Neumann U87: Found in almost every pro studio the world over, this is the industry standard for vocal microphones.

Customised Rode NTK with NOS Telefunken Tube + RK7 Capsule: A nice LDC tube mic with the original valve swapped out and replaced with a vintage Telefunken E88CC and the capsule replaced with an RK7 (M7 type). My special modifications bring a warmth and smoothness perfect for dark and intimate vocal sounds.

2x AKG C414 XLS: Industry standard workhorse mics that do a great job of sounding natural on a variety of sources escpecially when needing a stereo set of LDC mics.


Small Diaphragm Condensers (SDC):

2x matched Beesneez Lulu: Incredible little microphones based on the discontinued Neumann KM84 (widely considered one of the best ever produced), these are my go to mics for acoustic guitar, piano and for brighter drum overheads.

2x matched Rode NT55 with custom MJE-384K "Roadster" capsules: Multi-pattern pencil condenser workhorse microphones that are great on a variety of acoustic sources with several sets of capsules including a pair by highly respected mic modder Michael Joly of oktavamod.

4x matched Line Audio CM3: Incredibly natural and neutral cardioid SDC mics that are fantastic in a variety of situations. Hand made by an small company in Sweden.

2x matched Line Audio OM1: The omni version of the CM3 microphone.

2x AKG C1000s: workhorse multi-purpose SDC mics.

2x matched Samson C02: Useful pencil condensers ideally for high SPL sources.

2x Samson C02H: Mini pencil condensers for multi-micing in tight applications.


Other Condensers:

Shure Beta91a: Classic plate-style half cardoid condenser mic ideal for kick drums or interesting when placed inside an upright piano.

Audio Technica Pro 70: tie clip mic primarily used as a banjo pick-up behind the velum and under the strings.


Ribbon Microphones:

2x matched Coles 4038: Classic British microphones that are widely regarded as the go to mics for drum overheads for a meaty and impressive sound.

No Hype Audio LRM-1/L with Lundahl transformer: Gorgeous ribbon microphone sourced and constructed by J-P Gerard in Belgium. Perfect for capturing violins, brass and more sibilant voices.


Dynamic Microphones:

Heil PR35: Exceptional high end dynamic vocal mic for live or studio use.

2x Sennheiser MD 421: Classic tom tom/brass mics found in studios all over the world.

Shure SM7b: Highly regarded large diaphragm dynamic mic for a natural rounded vocal sound, rich bass drums, powerful brass and many other applications.

Shure Beta 52a: Classic kick mic for a deep and powerful bass drum sound.

AKG D112: Classic kick/floor tom mic for a tight bass drum sound.

Beyerdynamic M201 TG: Great clear, crisp and punchy dynamic snare microphone.

5x Shure Beta 58a: Great all round dynamic microphones for live vocals.

2x Shure Beta 57a: Great all round dynamic microphones for instruments.

3x Shure SM57: Industry standard all-round dynamic instrument microphone.

3x Shure SM58: Industry standard dynamic vocal microphone.

Samson Q Drum mic set: 3x clip on mics for toms, one for snare.



Allen & Heath GSRM24: Incredible 24 channel analogue mixing desk with two valve channels for summing/tracking and flying faders. Beautiful, warm preamps and that analogue sound with the flexibility of digital routing. The centrepiece of the studio and a great way to mix down outside of the box.

Allen & Heath ZedR16: Great 16 channel analogue mixing desk with the same rich, warm sounding pre-amps as my main console just in a smaller footprint. Great sounding 4 band parametric EQ with adjustable Q for analogue mixdowns. High quality conversion at 44.1k or 48k sample rates via firewire interface. This is my main pre-amp and interface for portable multi-track recording.

1x TLA Audio Indigo 2051: Valve pre-amp, compressor and EQ unit from a world class pre-amp manufacturer.

Focusrite Octopre MkII: Quality 8 channel preamp for increasing the multi-track capabilities of ZedR16 to be able to track up to 24 channels simultaneously. Connected via ADAT lightpipe.

3x Triton Audio Fethead: Great little in-line pre-amp of 20db clean gain for dynamic and ribbon mics.

Focusrite Sapphire Pro 40: 8 channel audio interface with nice pres that can be combined with the Octopre for up to 16 tracks of highly mobile recording. Can also be used as stand alone mic pres.

L.R. Baggs Para DI: Great pre-amp DI Box with EQ for getting the best out of acoustic pickups.

Fishman Platinum Bass preamp/EQ/DI: Nice clean pre-amp and DI box for getting the best from double bass pickups.

Cymatic Audio LR16: 16 channel line level audio interface for portable recording.


Other Outboard:


TLA Audio Indigo C-2021: Stereo valve compressor unit from a premier outboard audio company.

Behringer V-Verb Pro: Now discontinued, this is one of the few pieces of old Behringer gear that turned out to be really high quality - a fantastic stereo digital reverb unit that is still highly sought after and competes with gear 20x the price.

Yamaha SPX1000: Classic stereo digital reverb/multi-effects rack unit for outboard processing.


Studio Monitoring:



Mackie HR824 mk2: Main monitors that give rich deep bass response and sweet high definition - a joy to listen through and great for mixing beautiful, full sounding music.

Yamaha NS-10M powered by a Quad 405-2 mk2 amplifier: Industry standard studio reference speakers found the world over due to a hyped midrange that helps when checking mixes and powered by a vinatge and classic British amplifier.

Mix checkers: Various sets of large and small speakers run through a technics hi-fi amp for checking mixes in a variety of settings.


Monitoring Headphones:

Sennheiser HD600 with Headphile cable: open headphones for a rich hi-fi experience when checking mixes.

Sennheiser HD25: closed headphones for a flat, neutral response when checking mixes.


Tracking Headphones (closed back):

2x Beyerdynammic DT-100, 1x Bose 'Around Ear Headphones',1x AKG K-55, 1x Sennheiser HD25-SP.

Behringer Powerplay Pro XL HA4700: 4 channel headphone distribution amplifer for tracking audio.


DI Boxes:


10x Orchid Electronics DI boxes: High quality DI boxes made in the west of England and standard issue for many of the top UK folk acts.

Behringer Ultra DI Pro DI4000: 4 channel DI rack.

5x MTR DI boxes: both passive and active.

2x Leem DI boxes: both passive and active.

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