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Martin HD28V Dreadnaught: Absolutely stunning steel string acoustic guitar made around 2004 but crafted from vintage wood. One of the best guitars I've ever played and I've played a few! Simply stunning when strummed and beautifully sweet when picked. I tried several of the same guitars when buying my instrument, including a couple of the same model and none of them came close to this.

Hofner Classical: A really beautiful classical guitar that sings when picked. I'm a firm believer that it's the sound, not the manufacturer that counts and this was my favourite classical in the shop when I bought it despite it being far more affordable than some of the others I tried and rejected.

1970s Eko Dreadnaught: A workhorse acoustic from the 1970s for an alternative sound on guitar tracks.

Fender Dobro FR50 resonator: A classic blues/country guitar designed for slide playing.

DeArmond M75T: A solid electric guitar with high-quality pickups modelled on the Gretsch DuoJet and made by its Gretsch's sister company.

Lapsteel: Straight forward lapsteel for adding textures to tracks.



Ken Miller upright acoustic double bass: A great sounding 3/4 size double bass made by local musician Ken Miller in 2004. I tried lots of different double basses, old and new and this one had the tone that I love for playing on folk records with acoustic guitars. It's not without its quirks but it has the sound that I searched for.

(Mexican) Fender Jazz electric bass: Solid electric bass in a classic design.

Hofner fretless acoustic bass: Provides an interesting alternative to standard bass sounds.



1892 Lyon & Heally 5-string open-back banjo: An absolutely beautiful banjo from the late 19th century made by George Washburn before he founded the now famous Washburn guitars. Sounds beautiful and features a carved heal and a 'tree of life' fingerboard inlay.



Yeung Chang upright acoustic piano: Bright and full of character upright piano.



Pearl 5 piece drum kit: with hi-hat, crash and ride + vintage Sabian ride cymbal

Pearl Rhythm Traveler: 5 piece, scaled down kit with a 20" x 8" kick, 10", 12" and 14" size toms each only 5" deep and a 13"x5" snare.

Various percussion instruments (including Calabash and Tin Can Toms)



Fender Blues Junior electric guitar amp: Classic tube amplifier with reverb for a great electric sound.

Laney R3 bass amp: Solid, powerful bass amp for a thick punchy bass sound.

Vox DA5 portable guitar amp: Interesting little amplifier with lots of built in effects.

Pedals: Dunlop Volume Pedal, Dunlop Cry-Baby wah, Line 6 Echo Park delay, Boss Overdrive, Boss Tremelo, Boss Tuner.

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